photo_aboutPaul F Kelly, Kenmare based master goldsmith, recreated this classic torc feature that was brought back to this century. His creation, the Ring of Kerry, is designed as two separate torc rings that can be slipped on together as one. The design of this ring was greatly inspired by the magnificent landscape of Kenmare, also known as Ring of Kerry. Paul made the ring mainly consists of the colours green emerald, white diamond gold and silver bands, symbolises the connection between the owner of the ring and the Kerry landscape when both rings are worn together. The master goldsmith and jewellerydesigner had mentioned that most people who come to Kerry enjoyed themselves and had a great time, and that the Ring of Kerry design have captivated the charm of that spirit and emotion.

The Torc (also spelled as torq or torque), is a large neck ring made from metal that is twisted to form its shape. It was found around the 8th century BC and known to be worn by persons of high social status. This piece of Celtic jewellery was worn in the past, representing powerful symbol of rank and is usually complemented with rings around the arms and wrists. They were made from copper, bronze, silver, and gold. As seen in museums for Classical and Celtic sculptures, both men and women have worn them in the past. Where the Celtic torc have disappeared previously during the Migration Period (the period of Barbarian invasions), the torc-style metal necklaces that appeared in the Viking Age have since now came back into fashion, and these jewellery are mainly produced in silver.

There are several other goldsmiths like Brian de Staic and John Weldon who have also decided to incorporate such charmed qualities into their designs. Brian de Staic is known to craft his jewellery in Celtic jewellery style and the latter designs jewellery shaped in gold and silver producing the finest Celtic knot work accessories.

With this information, we can safely say that such contemporary jewellery can be found in several places situated in Ireland. However, these unique jeweleries definitely do not come cheap. Since it is handmade, customised and might be the only one in the world, be prepared to fork at least 365 Euros for a piece of jewellery. If one can afford it, it should be well worth the price because of its unique antiquity.