Ring of Kerry Ring and Craft Jeweller: The Connection

One quality of a really good artist is in their ability to pay close attention to details. A perfectionism trait that is neither, too pronounced or too hashed. Striking such a balance while crafting jewellery, demands real craftsmanship. In fact, it is vital. Moreover, consistently producing a product that is well received by one’s clients despite the constant (human) urge to succumb to stagnation due to the feeling of achievement is inspiring. Goldsmith and jeweller Paul Kelly is a well cut out craftsman cum entrepreneur.

Paul Kelly, the man

In his own words, Paul loves the geographical area known as the Ring of Kerry. It also happens to be near his home where he lives with his family-the town of Kenmare, Ireland. He has a shop on Henry Street in Kenmare where he sells his handcrafted intertwinement of gold, silver, diamond and emerald rings. He actually learn’t to craft the pieces through apprenticeship.

The inspiration behind the Ring of Kerry Ring

Paul has been quoted numerous times saying that the noble idea to make his collection of elegant pieces of jewellery was heavily inspired by the landscape around Ring of Kerry in the Iveragh Peninsula in Kenmare, Ireland.

Says Paul:

“The greens and golds of the mountains, the silver and blue of the sea and sky, the fierce balance between the elements, all led me to create my Ring of Kerry.”

Ring of Kerry: What is it really?

Asked about his brand of rings, Paul Kelly describes his handcrafted rings as connecting the people at an emotional level just like the visitors to the Ring of Kerry are attached and fall in love with the scenic landscape, food, weather and the friendly local people they find there.

Ancient Irish tales also tell of a legendary ring forged by a poetic king in loving memory for his wife who was murdered in a storm cast on her as a spell by her husband’s enemies during an ocean voyage. The king then went on to collect powerful elements of that land (just like the Ring of Kelly is made of several earthly elements) and made the ring as tribute to his lovely queen. He then conquered the enemies in battle. Their union, later, is believed to have been the start to modern-day Ireland and the Irish people, in general.

Torc-styled, the rings that Paul makes are unique. To sum it up in his own words:

The bands are made of silver and 18-carat yellow gold, one set with a faceted green emerald, the other with a brilliant-cut white diamond.

You can check out more about the Ring of Kerry and what Paul Kelly has to offer through his official website, too.