Master goldsmith and jewellery designer Paul F Kelly produces handcrafted originals at his workshop and retail outlet in Henry Street, Kenmare.

He works in gold and silver, often combining both materials with precious or semi-precious stones, to create one of the most distinctive and inspiring jewellery collections in Ireland.

Clients in search of something unique can have their individual tastes reflected in a commissioned piece. As part of a modern wave of Irish designers, Paul also displays the work of contemporary jewellers who share his commitment to quality in design.

Those with an appreciation for such quality should visit his workshop and browse around one of the most inspired jewellery displays in Kerry.


Paul F Kelly trained at Grennan Mills in his native Kilkenny with silversmith Peter Donovan and was apprenticed to goldsmith Rudolf Heltzel. In 1999, he opened his shop on Henry Street in the heritage town of Kenmare, County Kerry.

A master traditional craftsman, Paul can be found working at his bench shaping and moulding his designs or consulting with clients about a commissioned piece.

His distinctive display cases are lined with pure gold leaf lit from above by light bulbs shaded with galvanised iron and copper.

Paul’s critically acclaimed work has featured in many publications and comprises primarily ‘one-off’ or limited edition pieces. In addition to his own collections, Paul frequently works with clients’ ideas to produce entirely unique commissioned pieces.

Paul lives with his three children on the Beara Peninsula.