The Story of the Ring of Kerry

Before the Kingdom of Kerry had a name, as the Book of Invasions tells us, the Milesians followed the Northern Star, across unsailed seas, in search of a land that was no more than a rumour and even then shrouded in myth.

The star brought them shores of what other outsiders, millennia later, would call Kenmare Bay.  Their princess, Sceine, died in the bay, killed by a storm conjured by the druids of the Tuatha De Danaan. Her husband, their leader and poet, Amerghin, swore to forge a ring from the metals of this land, from the essence of mountain and water, oak and fire, so that his heart would be forever bound to her.

The Milesians and the Tuatha De Danaan fought on the field of Tailtiú, and Sceine was avenged.

Victors and vanquished merged, and created from blood and love the race of the Irish.

Amerghin chanted the first poem to be composed on Irish soil. But did he ever forge his immortal souvenir to his beloved? That entwinement of diamond and silver, emerald and gold, that embodied both the loss of his love and the birth of a new people?

The truth, like his poetry and his sorrow, is lost to Time.

Now, on the shores of that same wild and untamed bay, goldsmith Paul Kelly has taken up the challenge of the poet’s myth, and used his mighty art to forge, at last…

The Ring of Kerry…

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